Wed May 5

7pm-10pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
OPENING NIGHT: Radical Cheese (Filmmakers Present!)
2215 W North Avenue

Radical Jesters (70m, 2008) Blurring the line between reality and fiction.
Director Tim Jackson present for Q & A.

8:15pm-8:30pm Break

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2001 festival:
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (90m) A much-loved anarchist comedy, is the feature film of the night. Director Jonathan Culp present for Q & A.

Fri May 7

7pm-10pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
CROSSING BOUNDARIES: Voz del Raiz/Voices from the Root,
a look at the resistance from our neighbors to the south
2215 W North Avenue

Brazilian Shorts

From Bucaneiro Producoes:

Primeiro de Maio 2009 No RJ (May Day, 2009 in Rio de Janeiro State) (3m, 2009, Bucaneiro Producoes) A May Day celebration and protest at the Goyacazes sugar mill and plantation in rural RJ state. Safer working conditions are demanded.

Mulheres Camponesas Na Luta Contra O Agronegocio E Contra A Violêcia (Woman Farmworkers Against Agribusiness and Violence) (2m 40s, 2010, Bucaneiro Producoes) Workers demonstrate for the rights of female farmworkers and highlight the dangerous working conditions they face.

Manifesto Contra As Monoculturas E O Deserto Verde (Protest Against Monoculture and for Small-scale Farming) (5m 50s, 2008, Bucaneiro Producoes) At the doors of Brazil’s National Bank of Economic and Social Development (BNDES), rural workers demand loans for family farmers.

O Punk Morreu? (Is Punk Dead?) (18m, 2008, Director: Marina Knup, Die.God, Darius Bizarres and Anarchopunk Movement from São Paulo) Reflections on the generations-old question

Alexy Lanza & Vicky Cervantes of Producciones EN EL OJO give a video presentation and talk about the recent Honduran coup and the grass-roots resistance

8:15pm-8:30pm Break

City of Favelas (51m, 2010, Maike Pricelius/ Adrian Mengay) A documentary on Favelas, (Brazilian Portuguese for slum) and their struggle for the ‘right to the city’ in Brazil.

9:20pm-9:35pm Break

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2000 festival:
Mas Alla de Los Gritos (Beyond the Screams) (28m, 1999, Martin Sorrondeguy) A first-hand documentary about the history of Latino punk in Chicago. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll pogo.

Sat May 8

7pm-10pm (doors open at 6:30pm)
2215 W North Avenue

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2003 festival:
Emma Goldman, the Anarchist Guest (42m, 2004, Coleman Romalis) Anarchist Emma Goldman is deported from the U.S. but eventually finds a home in Toronto, Canada in her last days.

Satan MacNuggit Shorts (Jonathan Culp)

Outside of their Homes (10m, 2008, Bella)
This is a documentary interpretes the motives and actions of the animal rights community in Salt Lake City, Utah in the face of increasing government repression. Since the making of this film, one vivisector from the University of Utah has quit (and so as not to eschew the broader context mink have been released), 15 charged with targeted residential picketing, two charged with AETAs and two subpoenad to grand juries.

8:15pm-8:30pm Break

Maggots and Men (2009, Cary Cronenwett) A utopian re-visioning of the Kronstadt Uprising of 1921, featuring film history’s first cast of over 100 transgender actors. Starring: Travis Clough, Scout Festa, Stormy Henry Knight.

Fri May 14

5pm-6:30pm More Than Film events
7pm-10pm Films
6970 North Glenwood

More Than Film event: Presentation on Tactical Media’s role in mass mobilizations in the information age. Tactical media can be defined as the appropriation of mass media in order to oppose and criticize a target that often occupies a certain position of power

Resist! (40m) A Chicago Indymedia-produced documentary about the aftermath and legal struggle of the RNC struggle in the Twin Cities

We’re Getting Ready (for Court) A funny PSA by the RNC eight about what happens after the protest leaves town. Set to the tune of Blondie.

UFF (13m) A film from the Czech Republic, showcasing an artists group from Prague performance highlighting police surveillance through the use of cell phone cards.

The Potentiality of Storming Heaven (28m) An anarchist documentary of the Greek uprising of 2008.

8:30pm-8:45pm Break

Danger Dead End (Ryan Alexander Neily) A scifi operetta set in a steampunk universe. The reused clip is a scene from Waterfront 1941, a movie that is in the Public Domain, ergo restriction free.

500 Miles To Babylon: A Film About Iraq Under U.S. Occupation (60m,David Martinez)

Sat May 15

5pm-6:30pm More Than Film events
7pm-10pm Films
10pm-1am 10th Anniversary Birthday After-Party
6970 North Glenwood

More Than Film event: David Meyers of On The Fly Farm and Resistance Coffee presents Café Chicago—Revitalizing Revolutionary Working Class Culture with an Economic Engine and Damn Good Coffee

Who’s Emma (28m) Rise and fall of a Toronto infoshop, but could also be the story of Chicago’s A-Zone.

Anarchist Filmaker Shorts/Projects (30m) As part of the 10th anniversary, CAFF asked anarchist filmmaker contributors from past and present festivals to submit 10 questions they would like to ask another anarchist filmmaker. We exchanged these questions amongst them. These shorts are their responses to this exchange of questions. Look for this on our media after the festival is over!

7:30pm-8:15pm Break

Assorted Shorts

Love It or Leave It: A Patriotic Passion Play (7m, Bettina Escauriza/Dara Greenwald) Two friends discover something shocking about each other.

Reproduction Prohibited (5m, Jonathan Culp) A short feature a montage of homo-erotic images full of texture, color and sex.

More that you can chew (Navmachine — local filmmaker) A self-absorbed businessman realizes all too late what real problems are.

Bash Street Kids (5m, Nov 2007) Short from Schnews, a British radical news video group.

Downfall (5m, 2009, YaBasta) Hitler runs security during the G20 in Pittsburgh.

From the Circle-A-Archives:
Crowd Bites Wolf (23m, 2000, Guerrilavision)A humorous look at the 2000 Prague G8 protests. Remember when there was a giant anti-globalization movement?

Jam Session (4 min, Federico Iris Osmo Tinelli)

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2008 festival:
Rise Up (5m, Molly Schafer and Jenny Kendler) Our favorite movie about animals.

Kamp (3:37m, Paul Alvarez) A stop motion animation piece about overcoming your chains

Star Wars, the Environmental Version (5m, Frank Lopez) A hilarious comparison of Star Wars and the environmental movement featuring Derek Jensen.

And Finally (3m, March 2009) Short from Schnews, a British radical news video group.

10 birthday after-party with music featuring DJ Ang.G!

Sun May 16

5pm-6:30pm More Than Film events
7pm-10pm Films
CROSSING BORDERS: Images of Displacement
6970 N Glenwood Avenue

More Than Film event: Jeff Pickert of Palestine Solidarity Group gives a presentation about the occupation of Palestine and his work and time there.

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2009 festival:
Enraged (56m, 2008, Eyal Eithcowich, CAFF 2009) Enraged follows four Jewish-Israeli members of Anarchist Against the Wall activists who refuse to be silent while the occupation continues. They bring food in Palestinian villages under curfew, tear down parts of the separation barrier, and serve as human shields for Palestinian demonstrators. IN Israel they are ostracized; in Palestine they are beaten, sprayed with tear-gas and shot at with rubber-coated bullets.

In the Footsteps of Yellow Woman (26m, Outta Your Backpack Media) A film by a 13 year-old Navajo filmmaker from Arizona who revisits her family history including her ancestors’ relocation.

Additional films from Outta Your Backpack Media, an indigenous youth media workshop.

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2008 festival:
History of Oil (45m, Robert Newman) What’s wrong with oil? Stand up anarchist-comedy from comedian, author and political activist Robert Newman.

From the Circle-A-Archives, 2002 festival:
Paint it Black: Anarchism, Urban Uprising, and the Mainstream News Media. (50m, Jessica Lawless) What does it mean when white anarchists don black gear and other questions reflected upon.