Film Lover? The 7 Coolest Movie Theaters In The World

The movie theaters which will change your movie going experience entirely

You are one of those movie lovers who can’t wait to enter the cozy movie theater and enjoy a great movie? The truth is that there are movie theaters that are not as inviting and there are others which become favorite spots for movie lovers instantly.

There are some special movie theaters which are not just simple venues where you can go and enjoy some popcorn and soda while watching a movie. They are special, with added luxury seats, beds and fine dining and high end cocktails to make your movie going experience a truly unforgettable one. Here is a list of the top coolest movie theaters around the world which every movie lover should put on their bucket list to visit at least once:

  1. The Alamo Drafthouse is located in Austin, Texas. This movie theater is one special place for any movie enthusiast. Once you take your seat there you will be attended by a server and will receive cold beverages and some great hot food which you can enjoy while watching the movie of your choice. If you feel like another drink or more food during the movie you just need to fill out the special order card and you will be served immediately. This Alamo movie theater offers customized content and programming which includes interesting footage related to the movie instead of the annoying ads we are all used to. Plus, there is a strict no talking or texting policy in this wonderful movie theater so you can enjoy your movie without any annoying interruptions.
  2. The Electric Cinema is located in the cool Notting Hill area of London, England. There you can enjoy a movie seated in amazingly comfortable leather armchairs with added soft cashmere blankets. There are special two seated sofas at the back as well as available double beds at the front which you can book for added comfort. There is also a bar offering high end luxury wines and delicious meals.
  3. Cineteca Matadero is another fabulous movie theater. Located in Madrid, Spain, you can enjoy great documentaries and experimental and independent movies while sitting in an artsy setting and enjoying the comfort.
  4. The Grauman Chinese Theater is one of the most famous movie theaters in the world. Located in Los Angeles California. It is one of the landmarks of Hollywood and is a definite must visit for any movie lover.
  5. Cinematheque Francaise is half movie theater and half museum. It is located in the home of movies and provides visitors and viewers with a chance to get to know the history of film and enjoy some fine French wine.
  6. Nitehawk Cinema, Brooklyn, New York is another delightful venue where you can enjoy a great movie paired with appropriate food and drinks in a stylish, comfortable and high end setting. No ads or other annoying previews will upset your viewing experience there.
  7. The Newport Ultra Cinema in Manilla is an amazing visual fest with its comfy plush reclining seats, great service, a wide variety of drinks, unlimited popcorn and a design which will leave you breathless.

So, make sure you start planning your next trips in accordance to these movie theatres if you want to have a movie watching experience like no other!

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