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The funniest paramedic movies of all times

The funniest paramedic movies of all times

There are very few good EMS movies. Hollywoods’ take on the paramedics life paints very different picture from what their life actually is. What a true paramedic deals on day to day basis. The real job – the daily check they have to perform, the driving to and from locations, hurrying, running up and down the truck to get the patient to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible, because any delay might cost a life.

Hollywood like to paint more dramatic picture as that is what the audience is looking for.

so, here is my list of movies:

  • Black Hawk Down – beware of the real life war stories. A traumatic movie which is based on a real raid of Somalia by the US military
  • Crash Landing: The Rescue of Flight 232 – the movies covers the real life tragedy of the Airlines Flight 232 from Denver to Chicago. Even though the focus in not entirely on the paramedics that helped with the ground rescue, their presence is one of the main focuses of the movie.
  • M*A*S*H brings a bit of a dark humor in the otherwise fast paced paramedic’s life
  • Bringing Out the Dead –  the Scorcese movie is a moving account of a paramedic who can’t deal with the memories of the people he tried to save but couldn’t. A heavy, traumatic movie
  • Paramédico – a candid movie which deals with the uncertainty of a paramedic’s life in different counties of the world. They caught the paramedics life in great details – from their daily chores to their life at home. Problems, tragedies, the fun stuff
  • Tell Me and I Will Forget – a really heavy documentary that gets everything right. Social challenges in Sough Africa are painted in great details

What I look for in a EMS movie?

How similar to the reality the movie is. Whether the dialogues and daily life is plausible enough. Whether they have an eye for the details – for example they do well with the apparel and the vehicles but lack on details like the paramedic boots (check here for real examples of EMS/ EMT work boots actually wear)

Top 5 signature movie weapons

Blades that we always will remember thanks to the film industry. Read through to the end to find which one was voted the old-time favorite!

The mask of Zorro – ft. the Sword

Weapon: the signature weapon is 37 inches sharp rapier. The blade is used not only for fighting enemies but also to mark the location Zorro has visited with his infamous Z sign

Buying options: While buying such a huge rapier is a bit difficult, you might get a miniature version to honor the film

Friday the 13th – the Jason’s Machete

Weapon: The weapon used in the film is a huge 16 inch blade machete. Jason went on a killing spree with the large blade he first used to kill his own mother.

Buying options: chop the wild bushed or the vegetables at home with this Ka-bar 2-1249-9 kukri machete


Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves ft longbow & arrow

Weapon: old-fashioned arrows and longbow

Remember the apple on the head of a buy? A precise shot with a longbow managed to tear right through it with its signature whistling sound

Buying options: while using longbows and arrows is no longer popular or even legal, so be careful and either get a small souvenir version or browse this list for available weapon.

Lord of The Rings series ft Gandalfs Staffs

Weapon: walking stick that doubles as magic wand. it has a huge powerful crystal on the top for casting spells on the enemies. It is able to deter a huge beasts!

Buying options: you can order a replica with a crystal that lights up

Terminator 2: Judgment Day ft. Winchester Shotgun

The 12 gauge M1887 shotgun is impressive, but even more impressive is the scene where the Terminator fires up a round and blows up a huge gaping hole in the viaduct while simultaneously riding his Harley Davidson motor.

Buying options: at the time of writing the limited edition replica was sold out, but you can order a toy version

Star Wars – Jedi Lightsaber

May the force (and the lightsaber) be with you!

The lightsabers come in different colors depending on who owns it. Green, blue and red, the lightsabers were voted the favorite movie weapon of all times

Film Lover? The 7 Coolest Movie Theaters In The World

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The movie theaters which will change your movie going experience entirely

You are one of those movie lovers who can’t wait to enter the cozy movie theater and enjoy a great movie? The truth is that there are movie theaters that are not as inviting and there are others which become favorite spots for movie lovers instantly.

There are some special movie theaters which are not just simple venues where you can go and enjoy some popcorn and soda while watching a movie. They are special, with added luxury seats, beds and fine dining and high end cocktails to make your movie going experience a truly unforgettable one. Here is a list of the top coolest movie theaters around the world which every movie lover should put on their bucket list to visit at least once:

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