The 2013 lineup at Meztli 2005 South Blue Island


FRIDAY, APRIL 26, 2013

6:30 doors, 7pm films (sharp)


The Good, and The Bad and (it’s ugly)

Part one: Sabotage by the State

Make a placard that says “NO!” to something and risk being branded “terrorist.” The last year has seen an upswing in grand juries, FBI investigations, raids, and perhaps most unsettling of all, snitches. Some of our own are wearing wires and acting as provocateurs to collect evidence for the Big Bad Man (henceforth referred to as BBM). Movements to resist oppression and demand justice and real democracy seem to scare the bejeezus out of the BBM so much that the ghost of COINTELPRO seems to be working overtime to bring down even the most benign of organizations (even when we are perfectly capable of bringing ourselves down). What is the best defense against the BBM? What is the best defense against internal problems and infighting that makes movements vulnerable to disruption in the first place?

Film program and discussion to follow examines the past, focuses on the present, and prepares us for stronger movement building in the future.




Cointelpro 101- The Freedom Archives(2011, 60m) A historical documentary about the government’s quite successful efforts to eliminate social justice movements.

Frame-up! The Imprisonment of Martin Sostre- Pacific Street Films (1974, 30m) This radical ran a book store in New York city until he was arrested in 1967 for narcotics, riot, arson, and assault. The film features extensive interviews with Martin. CAFF has previously shown Anarchism In America and Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists both by Pacific Street Films team of Joel Suscher and Steven Fischler.

Grand Jury Resistors- (4m, 2012) Peter Parks and Statement From a Resister- Because We Must (2012, 10m) On October 10th, 2012 Leah Lynn Plante who swore not answer questions to a grand jury and by October 19th was released and then disappeared. People are wondering why.

4Star led discussion (35m) 4 Star Anarchist Organization will be celebrating it’s fifth anniversary on May 2nd and will be leading a discussion around the issue of resistance, state repression and snitching.

Intermission 9:15

Part two 9:30- Sabotage as Direct Action

FEATURED FILM MAKER- SUBMEDIA/FRANK LOPEZ: SubMedia started making anarchist films in 2003, so yeah 10 fuckin years since “Join the Resistance! Fall in Love” We are excited to bring one Frank Lopez short on each night of the festival.

The Action Camp: Indigenous Resistance- Submedia Frank Lopez (9m) Refusal to stand by and do nothing by the Unis’tot’en, a clan of the Wet’suet’en Nation to the Pacific Trail Pipeline.


Just do it, you nutters! UK

Just Do It!- Left Field Films (2011, 90m)- A group of “professional domestic extremists” take protest to the next level.




6:30 doors, 7pm films


I am the Mace- Kelly Gallagher (2013, 4m)- I am woman and will not put up with your harassment!

Being Space- Louis Jargow (2012, 4m)- Anarchists in Occupy reflect on what space means

Casas Marcadas- Ana(2013, 10m)- Brazilian Anarchist film maker, Cainha, explores how displacement of people from the Favelas is not an Olympic made creation, but rather has always been a part of the history in the city.


OW! Kawomms! The Workers Crown, France

Cropotkin- Ryan Neily (2013, 30s)- Anaro-crow shares his thoughts.

Kawomms! The Workers Crown- Schnater(14m)- Pencil drawn animations show us the antagonism between boss, worker, mouse and industrialism.


Camover (3m)- Ready, set, go.!….This game which started in Berlin challenges all to take control over the cameras of Big Brother.



Game on! Camover, worldwide.


Amateur Riot-Frank Lopez (2011, 13m)- A look at a “rag-tag” group of trouble makers in Japan resisting against the flows of radiation.

No to Nato!- Jorge Alva-Huerto (2012, 20m)-Part hard core punk rock music video, part documentary, this video explores reactions by participants to the NATO protests in Chicago in May of Lots of excellent footage of IVAW (Iraq Vetrans Against the War) returning their medals.


Greening the Revolution

8:10 – Intermission

8:30- Greening the Revolution- Katie Curran/Anartist Films (2010, 1:20)

A global perspective on how neo-liberal polices create food inequalities that affect real people; this madness is juxtapositioned against successful, sustainable communities achieving food justice and freedom through the power of the people.


Nine Lives- The Future Is Still Unwritten

3:30pm doors, 4pm films

The Day the Revolution Came to Town- Joe O’Connor (2013, 22m) Anarchist action comedy set in Olympia, Washington. World premier!

Society of the Spectacle (2013, 15m) An updated interpretation of Debrod’s Situationist classic

Laughter of the Puritans- Artificiality(2013, 4m) This is all.

In the Middle of the Desert- Hrstina Nadeva and Harry Halpin (2012, 25m) Bulgarian Anarchists reflect on the dystopic world

5:10 Intermission

5:30 films

Stay Inside- Stathis (2009, 15m) Don’t go outside, the anarchists will get you!

This is Athens!- Submedia, Frank Lopez (11m) Greece! Financial Crisis! Fascist! Anti-state anti-capitalist revolt! Groovy soundtrack!



Baby Makers- Ghosts With Shit Jobs

Ghosts With Shit Jobs- No Media Kings (2012, 94m) Welcome to the future! An inside look at the things people do to survive in the first world which is now the third. No Media King’s movie Infest Wisely has been shown at a previous CAFF. Chicago Premier! Film Maker Jim Munroe present for Q & A

Program ends 7:30. After the program, join us for a CAFF benefit with Punk Rock Karaoke at Township- 2200 N. California, Logan Square, right of the north side California blue line stop prkcat